Mounting Bodies
It seems for every frame and body there are a number of ways to mount a body. I have tried to put together some easy to follow steps 
That will help you take an existing RTR hard body car and mount a lighter Lexan body on the frame.

The first thing you will need to decide on is what frame are you using. I have tried to add references to what frames fit which bodies on my site. If not sure you will need to know waht the front and rear tire distance is.This will help you decide on what bodies you can use.

Once this has been determined I have added steps below you can follow.
Unscrew hard body from current car vanquish cars need to have an extra step of removing the interior piece also On the vanquish car I used the amt mounts I manufacture to make sides on the frame
You can see here how I cut and trimmed the side mounts for the frame. Once cut I used epoxy to attach to frame. Epoxy works better than glue since some of these frames are made of a delron material which is oil based and not susceptible to glue.
Once the expoxy dires You can use double sided foam tape or velcro.
 I used double sided foam tape since I had it availible to me
Here is how I have the tape before I added a body. Once I have the tape
Situated were I like it I than can apply the body
Here is the finished product.
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